7 Roommates, 7 Different Paths

Seven college roommates, in seven different programs… It's their final year of undergrad, what's next?

See you in a week, Canada!

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Varadero, Cuba

This is a picture on the beaches of Varadero, from my last vacation there in 2011. I cannot wait to return!

Precisely in the style of our group, let’s start off with a bang! To officially unveil the beginning of this blogging journey, I’d like to announce: THE GANG IS GOING TO CUBA! My six roommates and I (as you can read in our About page) met in residence during our first year of undergraduate studies here at Western University.  We have been inseparable ever since.  Throughout the last three years, we’ve been on a number of small trips, to Blue Mountain in Collingwood and to the Muskoka region to visit the boys (Kirk & Cameron) who live in and around Huntsville, Ontario.  While these have all been fantastic trips, we’ve always dreamed of heading somewhere big for our final year.

In Muskoka

Relaxing by the lake in Muskoka, visiting Kirk. This was the last time we were on a beach together.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, that time has arrived, and the roomies are headed to the lovely Varadero, Cuba! With the exception of Kristen who is unable to join us, this will be the largest trip we have gone on as a group. Including significant others and best friends, we will be travelling as a group of 10 and are incredibly excited to ditch this cold weather and have the time of our lives on the beach.

That moment when the "Wax Party" ain't so fun after all...

That moment when the “Wax Party” ain’t so fun after all…#BeautyIsPain.

As I type this post, I find myself struggling to remain awake.  It’s a Thursday morning… so you might ask, why am I so tired?Well, it wasn’t because of an assignment, nope, not an exam either… it was because the girls and I had a “Wax Party” last night that went exceptionally longer than anticipated.  Now I know you might be a little confused, so let me explain.  It’s actually quite simple: the girls and I got together in Teresa’s room, turned on a wax pot, and sat around waxing our legs together before the big trip.  I know this might be a bit of an over-share, but hey, I did say I was going to tell you all about my life living with so many roommates (For the skeptical individuals out there, many girls do partake in this sort of activity, the term even has it’s own definition on Urban Dictionary).  So after a few hours of what started out as a fun, girly experience, I quickly remember why I wax so rarely, and how laborious of a task it can be. Though we’re a bit tired this morning, half a wax pot later, the ladies are ready to hit the beach!

Being university students and going on a trip like this during “Reading Week” for our University, we have had to plan things around our study schedules.  Sadly this is a key time for university mid-term exams and Markaysa, Jenna, Teresa and myself will have midterms to face upon returning to the great, white, North.  Though we are definitely fun-loving, our inner consciences… (and the fact that many of us are trying to maintain Honours Degrees) means that there will be some studying on the beach required.  Nevertheless, I’ve personally been making my notes ahead of time and plan on spending a few hours here and there, headphones in, soaking up the sun and hitting the books in the best way possible.

As I stare at a mountain of clothes, trying to decide what to pack and ensure I don’t forget anything (namely my passport), I start thinking about all the things we plan to do as a group on this trip.  First and foremost, we are incredibly excited that our regular “family dinners” can become a nightly occurrence at our all-inclusive resort.  We have vowed to make sure we have dinner together each day.  Despite the beach activities and various shenanigans we may get caught up in during the day, we have promised to all come together for dinner each night, toast to another great day and revel in the fact that we won’t have to clean the pile of used dishes at the end of our meal!


Playing beach volleyball at Kirk’s house in Muskoka.

Beach volleyball is also something we’re quite fond of as a group.  Now, most of us aren’t very good at the sport, but as a group, we always end up having some very entertaining exchanges while on court. Almost two years ago when we ventured out to Muskoka to visit Kirk, we all ended up playing on his family’s beach volleyball court for hours.  With a beach at our disposal once again, we plan on taking full advantage of this on a daily basis.

Finally, we hope to take as many pictures as we can while there.  We’re starting to realize, as the months fly by, that we are mid-way through our final semester at school.  Our time at this university is soon coming to an end, and with this being one of our final big trips as students (of course, we intend to have many more as non-students) we want to document as much of it as we can.  With that being said, I hope we have invested in the correct power adapters to be able to charge our cameras while in Cuba.  Here’s to hoping I’ve got the right electronics, and that I’ll have many a story and pictures to share upon my return.

Before I close for today, I have a favour to ask: can all you Canadians cheer on every one of our Olympic athletes while we’re gone? The boys, Cameron and Kirk, are huge Olympics followers… and I have to say, it’s one of my favourite things to watch as well.  I get so excited cheering for our nation’s brightest, and I know the boys are a little disappointed that we’ll be missing much of the action while on our trip.  We’re hoping Canada can continue it’s success in Sochi and we’ll be rooting for them while we’re away.

Until next week… stay golden, Canada!

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