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Seven college roommates, in seven different programs… It's their final year of undergrad, what's next?

Our version of The Academy Awards

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Mid-terms Done.

Done Mid-Terms! This meme courtesy of: memegenerator.net

Hello Everyone! A week has past and boy has it been a busy one.  Personally, I had two mid-terms to get through and a couple small quizzes and assignments throughout.  I’ve made it through and I think everything went well.  To give you all a bit of background, I am studying Business Management specializing in Consumer Behaviour.  I planned out my four years here to ensure that my last semester would be the easiest in terms of courses.  I took all of my required business courses last semester and in years prior, so this semester I am fortunately nearing the home stretch taking a number of electives that interest me.

Oscars Game

This is the point breakdown for our Oscars Game

Unfortunately, some of my roommates are not in such stress-free times as Teresa, Kristen and Cameron all have multiple mid-terms still to come.  I’m sure they’ll do well, but in the meantime, the rest of us are trying not to distract them from studying as we try to make the most of our…*wait for it*… LAST full month of undergrad.

To give you some perspective on how we’ve been making the most of every day together, let me recount our evening watching The Academy Awards this past weekend.  Those of us without upcoming exams decided to make watching the awards ceremony a little more interesting.  We selected some of the more well known award categories and made our “picks” prior to showing.  We attached various point weightings to each category and for each award, we created a “consequence” or “dare” for those who guessed incorrectly.


The consequence for not predicting Jared Leto as the winner: Peanut Butter and Pickle Sandwich.

For example, for the incorrectly guessing “Best Supporting Actor”, the consequence involved eating a portion of a peanut butter and pickle sandwich.  In this situation, the more losers there were, the more people would split this awful sandwich concoction.  Thankfully, neither of us participating roomies predicted Jared Leto (mostly due to the fact that we hadn’t seen Dallas Buyers Club), and therefore split the peanut butter and pickle sandwich four-ways.  On a side note: I actually enjoyed eating this sandwich… save your judgements please… I have no idea why, but it was oddly, quite delicious. 🙂

Some other “consequences” included: making a snow-angel in minus 10 degree weather in just shorts and a tank top, shots of pickle juice and eating half a clove of garlic.  All in all, I did fairly well, coming in second place, and Jenna stole away with a win after guessing “Best Picture” correctly (worth the most points based on our system).   I was also able to avoid the plunge in our packed front yard… unlike Kirk and Jenna who had to bare the cold and laughter from the rest of us.   I was browsing through a number of other blogs, reading about how others spent their Oscar Nights.  I have definitely been inspired to host a real party or dinner one year, and make a big deal out of this Awards show.  I stumbled upon the blog called “Jenn-Jenn’s Cookies and Cakes“.  Jenn, you’re clearly a foodie, much like myself, and I loved the assorted appetizers you created.  Jenn really invested a lot of time and effort into an Academy Awards Party of her own.  For anyone looking to read more, check her Academy Awards post.  I’m inspired! Did anyone else do anything special for The Academy Awards this year?

Pickle Juice

Shot glasses full of Pickle Juice for the losers of Best Animated Picture.

After a fun evening like that, which transpired completely spontaneously as per usual, I begin to shift from post-vacation blues to school-is-ending-sadness.  With just days instead of months remaining together, our entire house is really starting to feel the pressure as we start making “move-out” plans.  It’s times like these that we will miss the most and I’m starting to recognize the importance of documenting all of our adventures and emotions.  Years from now, this is what we will look back on as our “youth”.  That being said, I am going to share some of this emotional journey with all of you readers!  I promise that next week I will film and post a short video clip of us roommates in action.  I’m going to ask each of my roommates to share a little bit about our journey over the past few years or mention something special that they will miss from our unique dynamic here.  I’ll compile everything and post it for your viewing pleasure.  I hope that it’ll help you all get to know us better, and maybe I can get some sympathy comments once you understand how hard it’ll be for me to leave these guys! Talk to you all next week!

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