7 Roommates, 7 Different Paths

Seven college roommates, in seven different programs… It's their final year of undergrad, what's next?

Let the good times roll

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As promised, I’ve prepared a video to share with all of you.  I’ve been pestering my roomies all week about this, and finally, we’ve come together to document some of our favourite moments from the past few years.  Yes, of course, I needed to be a little more persistent when convincing the boys compared to the girls, but everyone eventually agreed to be apart of this two-minute video. It was incredible how many laughs and conversations got started as we filmed various clips together.  I feel a little tug at my heartstrings every time I watch it and I hope you all enjoy viewing it.

Like I mentioned at the end of the video, it is Markaysa’s birthday today and we plan on celebrating with her for the larger part of this weekend.  With the exception of Kristen, who has one last midterm on Monday, the rest of us are done with exams until finals approach in April.  This upcoming weekend will definitely be filled with fun times because, in addition to it being Markaysa’s celebration weekend, St. Patrick’s Day is this Monday.

St. Patrick's Day

A photo of our group last year on St. Patrick’s Day (2013).

As many of you may be aware, St. Pat’s is a highly celebrated occasion for university students, and we are all ready with our green outfits to roam the streets of London with fellow students for the last time together.

We are approaching our final month in London and therefore the moving-out plan is beginning to become a hot topic within our household.  With our limited budgets, ample amounts of stuff and uncertain futures, we find ourselves mulling over the details of how to get all of our belongings out of here before the start of May when our lease ends.  There are a number of household items that we purchased as a group, such as our living room couches.  They are in great condition, but now it comes down to deciding which items will go where and how to work out the amounts of any funds that are exchanged.  Other things on our list include ensuring we cancel our utility accounts, close our joint bank account and change our mailing addresses.  Finally, one of the more painstaking tasks will be sorting through the mass amounts of kitchenware that have accumulated between the seven of us.

There are so many details that can easily get overlooked, so we are trying to be as organized about our move-out as possible.  I will be sure to inform you all of any speed bumps we encounter along the way.  Does anyone have any awful moving experiences to share?

The weirdest experience of all will be when we come back to London for graduation in June.  We will likely need hotel rooms and paying for nightly accommodations in a place we so recently called home, will definitely be an odd feeling for me.  The deadline to apply for graduation is this Saturday.  It’s a decision that was straightforward for me due to a job I have secured back home, but can be a tricky one for those who are less sure of where they are headed next year.  By next week, all of us will have decided whether we are graduating or not and I will update you all on that decision outcome.  Have a wonderful week everyone!

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