7 Roommates, 7 Different Paths

Seven college roommates, in seven different programs… It's their final year of undergrad, what's next?

A week of Madness

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Too Cold

Good evening everyone! Another week of undergraduate life has passed us by, and if I were to accurately describe the past seven days for our house, using just one word… it would have to be: MADNESS!

Why madness, you say? Well, I can think of three reasons to explain this:

1)   Let’s talk about this weather! As you know, we are in Canada, in southern Ontario to be exact, and for those unfamiliar with Canadian geography, we are around a 2-hour drive south-west from Toronto.  It is approaching the end of March, and yet, there is still snow on our front lawn.  We have reached a point where we are out of road salt and are both too depressed and too lazy to bring ourselves to go out and buy more at this point in the year.  We have been “fortunate” that the weather has been fluctuating enough to allow for minimal ice accumulation.  If there has been heavy precipitation on one day, it was thankfully followed by a mild-spell that has both melted and dried away the majority of the dangerous black ice in time for the next bout of snow.

Iron Ring

Cameron and his new iron ring. Congratulations!

2)   Graduation is upon us! Not counting today, there are only nine days of classes left in this academic year.  We are all feeling the pressure of final assignments and the impending stress as final exams loom around the corner.  But the madness is not only from the stress of academic burdens, but also from the passing of commemorative moments in our lives.  Some “life moments” that have passed during the last week include: Cameron (our resident engineer, if you recall) being presented with his “iron ring” on Saturday, Teresa (our aspiring accountant from Hamilton) has officially begun her search for housing in downtown Toronto for her new job, and one of our roommates (name being withheld for the time being until I learn of the outcome) has received an interview for a prestigious graduate school placement! With these new developments, plus the passing of assignment and test deadlines, means there is much to talk about and celebrate within our household.

March Madness

Our March Madness Brackets.

3)   Last, but not least, it’s that time of the year for…MARCH MADNESS!  Now, I know we are Canadian university students, but there are a number of avid sports fans within our household.   As a result, we have many followers of the American college basketball scene.  It has become an annual tradition over the past few years, for us to hold a house-wide competition.  This involves each of us filling a “bracket” for the annual “March Madness” NCAA Basketball tournament in the States.  What this means, is that we all make our “picks” for which college basketball team will win the infamous “March Madness” tournament.  The seven of us, and some of our closest friends, come together and bet $5 that our picks will score the highest points over the course of the 2-week tournament.  I am not the biggest follower of college basketball throughout the year, but I can’t help but get reeled into the thrill of following my chosen teams through the course of the next few days.  With my minuscule “bet” on the line, I’m excited to see if I’ll take home the jackpot (there are 11 of us in our “Bracket Game”… so we are talking about a whopping $55 here).  To learn a little bit more about March Madness… and I truly mean a “little” bit as my knowledge is quite limited, or to learn how to make a “Bracket Game” of your own, take a look at my story on the tournament.  Currently, the remaining teams have reached the round of 16, or “Sweet Sixteen”, as the NCAA likes to call it.  The next scheduled games will take place staring tomorrow (Thursday March 27th)! If you are following this tournament and have made a bracket of your own, Tweet Us with some of your “picks”.  Feel free to continually update us as the action unfolds tomorrow.

Until next week, bloggers. Have a great one!


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