7 Roommates, 7 Different Paths

Seven college roommates, in seven different programs… It's their final year of undergrad, what's next?


My name is Lauren and I’m an undergraduate student at Western University.  I have six lovely roommates here in London, Ontario, Canada and together we have formed what we like to refer to as a family.  We live in a 7-bedroom, student house located close to campus and cannot imagine our student experience anywhere else or with anyone other than each other.  We’re all in completely different programs, headed down completely different paths after graduation.  It’s our final year of undergrad, and the clock is ticking.

The 7 Roommates

These are my six roommates and I!

I’ve decided to blog about our journey over the next couple of months.  It’s interesting to discover where each of us is headed and how our lives are coming together one development at a time.  We have such a unique dynamic.  We hang out for the larger part of every day and have bonded not just through parties or study dates, but by cooking “family meals”, planning big trips together and getting to know each other beyond just through our studies.  We are a large group, and despite any initial fears or doubts from on-lookers, we truly get along and have grown incredibly close.  We’re about to face job interviews, grad school applications, re-location and a ton of exciting times as we try to live life to its fullest. Our undergraduate student experience comes to a close, but we hope you will follow us through the end of this journey and the start of seven new ones!

Meet the gang- Starting from the back row of this picture: there’s Cameron, the soon-to-be Chemical Engineer from Huntsville.  Markaysa our resident nutritionist studying Nutrition & Dietetics from Port Perry.  Kristen, the athletic from Wainfleet studying Kinesiology. Me (Lauren) from Markham, studying Consumer Behaviour and Kirk, who’s our in-house Pilot, studying Commercial Aviation and also from Huntsville.  To introduce the two ladies at the front: first, there is Jenna who is from Markham like me and is our Bio-Medical Sciences-wiz.  And last but certainly not least, there is Teresa, our personal Accountant from Hamilton.

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